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Статьи / Therapeutic uses of Botox seen as "poised to outstrip" cosmetic treatments

Therapeutic uses of Botox seen as "poised to outstrip" cosmetic treatments.

On the front of its Sunday Business section, the New York Times (4/13, BU1, Singer) reports, "Over the last decade, Botox has become a synonym for the eradication of wrinkles, a kind of shorthand for the entire enterprise of cosmetic medicine. But now, with the popularization of new medical uses, therapeutic applications of the drug are poised to outstrip the cosmetic treatment in both revenue and prominence." Recent medical journals indicate that doctors have been using Botox to "treat chewing problems, swallowing problems, pelvic muscle spasms, drooling, hair loss, anal fissures and pain from missing limbs." However, "some health advocates worry that doctors are widely adopting novel uses for Botox before federal guidance and rigorous clinical studies have established safe and effective dosages for the new treatments."






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